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BP Chemicals enhances safety with Flir infrared. Flir Systems has revealed how its GasfindIR thermal imaging camera range is enabling BP Chemicals to minimise leaks at its Saltend plant. Effective leak detection is a site priority at Saltend and one of a number of procedures for ensuring safe operation. February 19,2009

Women using thermography procedure to complement breast cancer screening. Breasts are scanned with highly sensitive camera and digital infrared imaging scan shows heat difference between normal tissue and any problem areas. June 7,2006

News & Events

Women using thermography procedure to complement breast cancer screening

Women using thermography procedure to complement breast cancer screening---With an increased incidence of breast cancer, women are taking their health seriously. Besides checking their breasts for lumps each month, arranging for yearly mammograms or ultrasounds, some women are using thermography as a complementary breast cancer-screening tool.

The procedure takes about a half- hour. In the preparation stage, patients are asked to fill out a breast history form. In the screening stage, patients will be asked to stand with their hands on their head about 10 feet in front of a digital imaging camera.


Three images will be taken: straight-on, and right and left partial side views.“You will be asked to put both hands in cool water for a minute,” she said. “This is a cold challenge to your blood vessels.


Normal blood vessels narrow and gradually become cooler with this challenge while abnormal vessels do not narrow and remain warmer.” After the cold challenge, a series of three scans will be taken to record the changes in the response of the blood vessels to the cold challenge.


Finally the digital infrared imaging scanned will be read and analysed and mailed back to the patient. Source from