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BP Chemicals enhances safety with Flir infrared. Flir Systems has revealed how its GasfindIR thermal imaging camera range is enabling BP Chemicals to minimise leaks at its Saltend plant. Effective leak detection is a site priority at Saltend and one of a number of procedures for ensuring safe operation. February 19,2009

Women using thermography procedure to complement breast cancer screening. Breasts are scanned with highly sensitive camera and digital infrared imaging scan shows heat difference between normal tissue and any problem areas. June 7,2006

Company Profile

Pdmchina (Shanghai) Infrared Servicesco., Ltd.


is an independent infrared thermal imaging consulting and evaluation services company based in Shanghai, China.We can provide you with a thermographic inspection survey at your facility.


Applications include electrical and mechanical equipment for overheating, roof systems for wet insulation and building envelopes for excessive heat or energy loss. Specialized applications include any equipment or process where thermal differences can indicate a problem.


We are dedicated to assisting commercial and industrial facilities in identifying potential maintenance problems before they occur. At Pdmchina(Shanghai) Infrared Services co., Ltd. customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

In the face of this avalanche of change, managers everywhere are looking for a new approach to maintenance. They want to avoid the false starts and dead ends that always accompany major upheavals. Instead they seek a strategic framework that synthesizes the new developments into a coherent pattren, so that they can evaluate them sensibly and apply those likely to be of most value to them and their companies.

Good maintenance is good business. The prime motivator in manufacturing ,especially as it pertains to equipment maintenance ,is to keep production running in high gear. Competition mandates it. Maintenance directly affects the productivity,quality, and direct costs of production. Yet, today the most commonly practiced approach to maintenance continues to be purely reactive. This breakdown maintenance mentality stands in direct opposition to the target of high productivity. The postmortem being that production stops and the extraordinary costs that such practices incur in terms of competitiveness and real dollars.